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Located in the historic district of Richmond, VA, we build, sell and repair bicycles as well as stock bicycle apparel, accessories and components. We are deeply invested in bicycle culture and community. For this reason we take great pride in offering the best experience with every customer we meet.

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Tales from the Tim | Training with Power

First Rule of Tim: Do not train with power. Second Rule of Tim: Make fun of people that do especially if they are friends, employees and co-owners of Carytown Bicycle Co. Third Rule of Tim: Acknowledge that science DOES work… power training can work.   Although Tim does not train...

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Featured Customer Bike. Anne's Vintage Trek Road Bike

Here's a pretty cool one. A customer brought us her old Trek for some work. She has had this bike almost her entire life and it has been through several incarnations over the years. Recently she had it repainted orange and decided she wanted to rebuild it with some really...

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On the road with The Hesh: Mexico edition.

I have a 9 hour trip home and already finished the book I brought so below I try to answer the literary question, “What if David Foster Wallace had no talent or discipline for the English language and was asked by nobody to complete an IM race report that would...

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