We are owned by cyclists. We are staffed by cyclists.
We exist for cyclists 
– all of them.

Located in the historic district of Richmond, VA, we build, sell and repair bicycles as well as stock bicycle apparel, accessories and components. We are deeply invested in bicycle culture and community. For this reason we take great pride in offering the best experience with every customer we meet.

We stock bicycles for every journey and every rider.

From the Blog

Hessian's Moots RSL

There is no shortage of Moots RSL reviews out there for your googling pleasure. Better writers and riders than I have tried to put into words without sounding like hacks how much the bike kicks ass. I tried from 2007-2009 and the results were, let’s just say the results were...

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Black Friday All November

Black Friday #003 - 25% OFF Points of Contact - Shoes, Pedals, Saddles, Grips, and Bar Tape 11/21/14. Not everyone can get up at the crack of dawn and make it to all their favorite retailers on the biggest shopping day of the year. So we're spreading Black Friday out over the...

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Special Deliveries - New Stuff from SRAM, Ortlieb, Specialized & More

Just like any other week, some really rad stuff always arrives when UPS or FedEx comes around. This past week brought us goodies from Ortlieb, SRAM, Race Face, Cinelli, and Specialized. The Micro is Ortlieb's somewhat unorthodox take on the seat bag.  No zippers to fumble with or get stuck. Definitely a...

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