We are owned by cyclists. We are staffed by cyclists.
We exist for cyclists 
– all of them.

Located in the historic district of Richmond, VA, we build, sell and repair bicycles as well as stock bicycle apparel, accessories and components. We are deeply invested in bicycle culture and community. For this reason we take great pride in offering the best experience with every customer we meet.

We stock bicycles for every journey and every rider.

From the Blog

Fred's Foundry Auger

Fred's had his Foundry Auger for quite a while and for the most part it's been set it up as a dual purpose Gran Fondo / Cyclocross machine. He recently picked up an Endpoint Coffee Grinder as his primary Gran Fondo / Light Touring / Gravel Racer bike and decided to change a...

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Fully Custom Cannondale Singlespeed Cross Bike

Sometimes circumstances are just right for a really cool custom bike project. Last winter a broken (but not TOO broken) Cannondale SuperX Hi-Mod kind of fell into my lap. Jesse built it up and rode on the downtown trails for a bit to see how much more things would break...

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New Stuff This Week

Working in a bike shop often means that every day is bike Xmas when the FedEx or UPS driver arrives. This week some cool stuff came in for personal projects some of the staff are working on. The Enve SWP carbon bar and Wolf Tooth ring are both for Charlie. He's...

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