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Cycling is an awesome full-body workout and great tool for losing weight, staying healthy, and keeping in peak physical shape. At the same time, the repetitive motion and strain can leave the body sore, tight, and achy, which can limit your muscle recovery and stamina, and make you prone to injury. Rejuvenate the body, and take your cycling to the next level by finding balance with a regular yoga practice!

In this workshop, yoga and cycling enthusiast, Becky Eschenroeder, will cover the benefits of incorporating a dedicated yoga practice into your weekly cycling training program. The practice will start with a brief discussion/intro, followed by a yoga practice, classwork, and discussion including a specific sequence purposefully designed to balance the body and mind of hardcore cyclists! This practice is certain to loosen all those tight spots, improve your breathing, and keep you pedaling hard!

*No Refunds Given
*Yoga + Cycling Clinics are designed to build upon one another, but can be taken separately.
*Drop-ins Welcome.

Pricing & Scheduling

Date: Feburary 8th at 12pm
This workshop is $40 and will last about 2.5 hours. You can register online or with the MindBody Online mobile app.