Riverside Drive

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Riverside Drive twists and drops along the Southside of the James River as you pass herons, rapids, big homes and great views. At the foot of the Huguenot Bridge, a tough choice awaits. Cross the James, pass through the University of Richmond, and take the flat, fast run along Grove Avenue back to Carytown? Or continue west along the river and tackle the infamous Old Gun climb? Either way, you’ve got a great ride ahead.

Highlights: The river, wildlife, rapids, overlooks, urban and rural.

The Fan, Campus, & Beyond

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Don’t like lycra? No worries. A bike offers you the best family-friendly way to leisurely check out neighborhoods like Carytown, Oregon Hill, the Fan, the Museum District, Northside, and Church Hill.*

Highlights: The city, restaurants, shopping, history, overlooks, campus.

Coffee Grinder

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Highlights: fun, varied terrain, a quick tour of several small parks

The Coffee Grinder is CBC's famous shop ride. Our staff does the loop every Saturday before opening up for business. In less than 20 miles, the 'Grinder packs in everything that makes Richmond a great place to ride: the river, Belle Isle, the rapids, Pony Pasture, gravel, twists, turns, bridges, hills, cool neighborhoods, fast roads. If you've got bike handling skills, use a road bike. If you don't have skills, ride a mountain bike. Not sure? Use a cyclocross bike.  Whatever you do, make sure you grab a coffee and almond croissant at Can Can Brasserie post-ride. Otherwise, it's not a true Coffee Grinder ride.