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This is where it all begins. Training wheels, scrapes and bruises, and that first time your parents let you pass the edge of the driveway as long as you were home before the streetlights came on. We have a full range of quality kids bikes to make sure your child gets off to the right start.

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Our Bike guides are designed to highlight specific product offerings and give cyclists a reference point in a particular bike category. In addition to the bikes in our guide we carry a wide range of bicycles to accomodate riders of all styles and abilities.

Good: Cannondale Trail 16

Start your little ones off the right. Cannondale extends their reputation for quality all the way through to their kids bikes. The Trail line of bikes are great for riding around the neighborhood or even taking on light trail systems. We recommend starting your kids out with balance bikes offered by Muna or Strider and progressing to something like this Cannondale Trail with 16 inch wheels.

Better: Cannondale Trail 20

The kids Trail bike graduates from a 16 inch to a 20 inch wheel and introduces hand brakes and optional gears. A front shock makes this a great bike for all the curbs, jumps, and stumps they are bound to be running into.

Best: Cannondale Trail 24

The Trail 24 is the bigger brother of the Trail 20. A large wheel size and bigger frame geometry may be necessary for your child depending on their growth as they progress to a full size bike. The 24 inch wheel offers a nice in between size.

Not sure what your riding needs are? Our experienced staff knows there are thousands of different bikes for riders to choose from. We can help navigate the path to the right bike for you. You can call us at 804-440-2453 email us at for more information and specific bike needs.