Bike Fitting

Bicycle fit is the most important thing about riding that most people never think about. At CBC we want to make sure that your new bike is not just the right “size” frame but also fitted to you personally. Sometimes this means changing the saddle or bars. Sometimes it means changing the reach or height of the bars. Sometimes it is all that and more.

Retül Fit

Retül Fit is more than just a bike fit—it’s a way to learn about your body, the root cause of your aches and pains, and how a proper fit will help you achieve your cycling goals.

Starting with a pre-fit physical assessment, Tim will take into account your body’s limitations, previous injuries and pains, and your goals on the bike. From there, we turn to our Vantage Motion Capture System to collect real-time, three-dimensional data from your pedal stroke. This data is then compiled into our system so that your fitter can look at your numbers and dial you into your perfect ride position.

We're the only shop in Richmond that utilizes all of Retül's latest technology including:
  • 3D Motion Capture System
  • Digital Sit bone Device
  • Müve SL Dynamic Fit Bike
  • Retül Match Tower

Body Geometry Fit

Developed after years of working with Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, BG FIT (Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology) is a comprehensive fit philosophy created to help cyclists ride faster, longer and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury.

Body Geometry is a very comprehensive system for connecting bike and rider through ergonomically designed and scientifically tested systematic customization to improve power, endurance and comfort. Be the very best that you can by having your equipment and position tailored to you.

For those of you who want to go the extra step and have their existing bicycle custom fit to them, we offer bike fit services to help you perfect your riding position. Maybe you are torn between two triathlon bikes and want to know which one is the best fit before you buy. A pre-purchase fitting can save you from discomfort and money wasted down the road.


A Retül Fit using the 3-D motion capture system costs $350.

The regular Body Geometry Fit costs $250.

These fits can be scheduled with Retül and Body Geometry Fit expert at our Greengate & Southside locations. Please schedule a fit by calling (804) 419-7567 or emailing

As always, every one of our locations offers a complimentary sizing and adjustment for every bike purchased. All of our staff are trained to insure that you choose the right size bike for your needs. However, a professional bike fit may be scheduled for you to dial in proper saddle position, reach and posture on the bike.