Bike Fitting

Bicycle fit is the most important thing about riding that most people never think about. At CBC we want to make sure that your new bike is not just the right “size” frame but also fitted to you personally. Sometimes this means changing the saddle or bars. Sometimes it means changing the reach or height of the bars. Sometimes it is all that and more.

Having your bike properly fit will make you more efficient and comfortable when you ride. Most important of all you will get more enjoyment out of a properly set up machine.

For those of you who want to go the extra step and have their existing bicycle custom fit to them we offer bike fit services to help you perfect your riding position. Maybe you are torn between two triathlon bikes and want to know which one is the best fit before you buy. A pre-purchase fitting can save you from discomfort and money wasted down the road.

Our staff is certified in Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology, or BG FIT*. This process was developed by Dr. Andy Pruitt who has been fitting top professionals for over 30 years.

This BG FIT process is a comprehensive consultation involving a pre-fit interview, a 16-step flexibility assessment, a side and frontal view analysis on the bike, and a scheduled BG FIT follow up. Within minutes of completing the fit you'll have a detailed bike fit specification sheet emailed to you.

The total process takes about one and a half to two hours. The $200 cost covers the BG FIT process (2 hours with certified Fit Tech and the use of all of the fit studio tools). Additional components and items required for the proper fit are NOT included in that price (saddle, stem, insoles, shims, handlebars etc.). Additional labor cost for installation of components will be estimated by our service department prior to installation.

To find out more about our fitting services or to make an appointment please call or email our lead BG FIT Technician Mike Stoop at any time. 804-419-7565 /

*CBC currently offers road and multi-sport bike fitting only.