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Our Bike guides are designed to highlight specific product offerings and give cyclists a reference point in a particular bike category. In addition to the bikes in our guide we carry a wide range of bicycles to accomodate riders of all styles and abilities.

Good: Schwinn Cutter

The Schwinn Cutter's steel frame and options for fixed or freewheel riding make it a great entry level bike for no nonsense city riding. Simple and durable, it gets the job done on a budget. Riders looking for a similar build on a budget should check out the Felt Brougham as well.

Better: Linus Bikes

Simple and beautiful. We carry a full range of Linus bikes and accessories that combine classic aesthetic with modern functionality. Linus offers single speed and internally geared options for both men and women along with practical accessories like fenders, baskets, and bags.

Best: Salsa Vaya 3

The Salsa Vaya is built from a durable steel frame and fork with sport touring geometry. With good entry level components, rack and fender mounts, and mechanical disc brakes, this bike is an excellent choice for riders ready to take on dedicated commuting, some serious adventuring, or just hitting the town for some extra miles on the weekend. The Felt V series offers some excellent alternatives in this price point and feature set.

Not sure what your riding needs are? Our experienced staff knows there are thousands of different bikes for riders to choose from. We can help navigate the path to the right bike for you. You can call us at 804-440-2453 email us at for more information and specific bike needs.