We Want More People on Bikes

We Want More People on Bikes

Cycling is a male-dominated sport, but at CBC we want more people on bikes and for everyone to have a place in cycling where they feel safe, supported, and empowered. That isn’t going to happen without people in the cycling industry creating space for all.

Erin Shahan has been a mechanic extraordinaire at GreenGate since we opened and came up with idea to start a WTF (Women Trans Femme) ride. She had plenty of isolating experiences in the cycling community and was inspired to start a ride where others would not endure the same.

“When I can participate in a group activity where my “otherness” isn’t as pronounced (to others and myself), it feels like I’m allowed to have a personality that is more than just one or two basic defining traits." - Erin Shahan

We welcome all riders at all of our rides, but the WTF ride is especially focused on inclusion versus a certain pace or style of riding.

Claire from our CBC2 location had a similar experience finding a ride where she felt comfortable. Growing up, she rode a lot with her dad, but she didn’t see women in the cycling space to look up to. When she discovered Women’s Multisports of Richmond, she found the support she needed to learn more about cycling.

“It's been an amazing experience to share the stoke, skills, and support that was provided to me by women to other folks now. I'm really excited to see where this will go.” - Claire Sands

There is still tons to do to be truly equitable. CBC strives to continue to support a diverse community in Richmond where all cyclists are welcome. We want more people on bikes. Period.

If you’re interested in joining the WTF ride (all are welcome!) or another one of our rides, check out the schedule here.

Other resources for Female and LGBTQ+ cyclists and cyclists-to-be: