The Specialized Alibi - No Air Needed

With the bike industry constantly cranking out new products and technology, one of the more interesting new products we've been fortunate enough to offer our customers is the Specialized Alibi.

At first glance, this bike is your run of the mill city bike. In fact, every single part of this bike is what you'd expect considering its price point and intended use—except one thing. The tires don't need air. You don't need a pump. You don't need a valve converter or spare tubes. You don't need to know pressure ratings and tire or tube sizes. You just ride it.

The concept is an excellent one and while we were initially somewhat skeptical of how it would ride, the tires actually surprised us. If you're a tire aficionado you would probably find the feel to be a bit more firm than normal, almost as if the tires feel overinflated. But it's not uncomfortable or off-putting for most riders and we're more than happy with the ride quality considering the benefits of the airless tire. 

If you're looking to ride longer distances or super commute this isn't the bike for you. But if you're looking to take it for a spin to the market, a sunny day ride through the neighborhood or just cruise the bike path for a bit, this is a bike that will allow you to hop on and go. 

The Alibi starts at $490 for the 7-speed model. It's available in regular and step-through models and comes equipped with rack and fender mounts. There is one other small detail that most will appreciate. All of the Alibi models come with a bell.