Andy's Endless Summer - A Day in RVA

Oh shit. It's 8:45am and Vampire Weekend wakes me up. I'm still putting the pieces together from last night. Use your imagination. I pour some hydration mix into a glass and sip on it while frying some eggs and checking the radar. The weather looks good. Highs of 85 and breezy. I grab a fresh tee and shorts, and start packing my bag.
I plan on it being a long day with a lot of stops so I take my lock and lights. I cruise through Northside gravel alleys on the way to meet a friend for coffee. We troll around the fan for a bit and then rally with buddies for pizza at Scuffletown Park. 

Everyone is itching to ride some dirt so we head down to the trails near Belle Isle and loop along the river for the afternoon. We catch a break on the rocks to have a snack and shoot some photos of the city. Afterwards we head up the back of Church Hill via the Canal Walk, adding on a few miles of the Cap Trail before grabbing sunset beers from a local brewery. It's time to go home but nobody wants to. We cut on our lights and stretch out the ride, taking a few detours before high fives and farewells.

Here is my 'Coolkit of Rad Stuff' for a day of riding in Richmond:

-Topo Designs Light Hip Pack
-Spurcycle Keychain
-Kryptonite U-Lock Mini
-Topo Designs Climb Shorts
-Light n Motion Urban 650
-Knog Rear Light
-Skratch Labs Hydration Mix
-Pro Bar Chews
-AssSaver Fender
-Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road Tubeless Tires
-CBC Socks
-CBC Water Bottle