Stocking Stuffers for Cyclists

Stocking Stuffers for Cyclists

Cyclist can be a tough bunch to buy gifts for. Are they a roadie or do they ride mountain bikes? What size shoe do they wear? Do they need a club fit or race fit jersey? Don't worry about any of that! Here are some worry free stocking stuffers that any cyclist will be stoked to get this holiday!


Cyclist of any discipline need to stay hydrated. Bottles do tend to get torn up, dropped, lost or moldy over time. So get that cyclist some fresh bottles.


Who doesn't love a fresh pair of socks??? Socks are an essential part of any cyclists kit, and we have a huge selection in stock or any rider. Just know when it come to the debate over "Proper sock height" for cycling, we believe its tall socks or nothing. haha


Honestly, these are all the rage right now and we couldn't be more about it. You can use them for so may things! Snacks? Throw them in the bag and easily grab them when you're hungry. Jacket? Throw it in the bag and pull it out if you get chilly. These bags secure to the handlebar via velcro straps and can pretty much be fitted to any bike so they are a perfect gift. PRO TIP: Get a handlebar bag and then put more gifts inside the bag for extra gift giving surprise


Show your loved one that you know what the best bike shop ever is. We have t-shirts, hats, beanies, and sweatshirts in stock in a variety of styles. We even have coffee mugs so you can feed your loved ones caffeine and bike addiction at the same time.


Even if they don't do their own tune up, every cyclists needs at lease a basic set of tools. Hex wrenches, multi-tools, and air pumps are essential for everyone who rides a bike. We have plenty of tools to fit any budget.


If you truly can't find that perfect stocking stuffer, you can always get your loved one a gift card to the best bike shop in the world. You can load a gift card with any amount, and we can even back it up to your loved one's name or email address so they never have to worry about the card getting lost.