Sale on 2016 Brompton Folding Bikes

We hope you're planning to ride your bike far and away this year. If you're going to be traveling, exploring the world, or you've just been thinking about purchasing a folding bike, now might be the right time to do so.

Our favorite folding bike manufacturer, Brompton, has made an inline change with the shifters on their bikes. The 2017 bikes come with trigger style shifters integrated right into the brake lever. Existing 2016 models still have the same range of gears, and can be retrofitted with the new shifter levers. 

In order to make room for 2017 Bromptons we are offering $220-$300 off select in stock 2016 Brompton models.

If you're interested in customizing a 2017 Brompton, check out the online bike builder or come see us in store.

2016 Closeout Brompton Closeouts Available

Brompton 6 speed, Straight Bar, Raw Laquer 1900.00 - $1600
Brompton 6 speed, Mustache Bar, Black 1735.00 - $1435
Brompton 3 speed, Mustache Bar, British Racing Green 1591.00 - $1391
Brompton 2 speed, Straight Bar, Black $1479.00 - $1279

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