Roubaix vs. Domane: Endurance Bike Comparison

Roubaix vs. Domane: Endurance Bike Comparison

A lot of people are bike shopping as we our activities and social interactions due to COVID-19. We are here for it! New bike day is always a happy day. If you are shopping for a road bike, and want versatility among terrain and ride style, you will want an endurance road bike.

Originally designed for intense, cobblestone pro-rides, endurance road bikes give the rider just that: endurance. The geometry allows the rider to be more up right and maintain quick, efficient handling, and dampened vibrations from whatever you are riding on. Up right + easy handling - vibrations = improved rider endurance and performance. It’s basic math.

Trek and Specialized have developed the top endurance bikes in the industry: The Specialized Roubaix and the Trek Domane. Only you can decide which is better, but here’s some info to help you out.

Specialized Roubaix Quick Facts:

  • Launched in 2004
  • Named after the Paris Roubaix, a grueling pro race featuring 29 challenging sections of cobblestone in the North of France.
  • Invented by Robert Hines for the Paris Roubaix and make real world riding better.
  • Key design elements were relaxed geometry and in frame shocks (Zertz visco elastic inserts).
  • Has evolved for better handling, aerodynamics, and a more discrete shock system (Future Shock front suspension).

Trek Domane Quick Facts:

  • Launched in 2012
  • The name is an anagram of Trek’s flagship road bike, the Madone, named after a famous climb in Nice, France. Domane also means “the King’s crown” in Latin.
  • Trek worked with Olympic champion Fabian Cancellara to develop the Domane.
  • Key design elements were relaxed geometry (offered in two options) and a highly compliant fork (IsoSpeed).
  • Has evolved for modular adjustments for stiffness (improved compliance) and comfort (improved rider endurance).


Future Shock vs. IsoSpeed

Learn more about the endurance technology Specialized and Trek have developed with these videos.



Race Results

Below are the winners that rode either the Domane or Roubaix in the classic cobbled races in the last 10 years.

2019 | Philippe Gilbert - Roubaix
2018 | Peter Sagan - Roubaix
2014 | Niki Terpstra - Roubaix
2013 | Fabian Cancellara - Domane
2012 | Tom Boonen - Roubaix
2010 | Fabian Cancellara - Roubaix

Tour of Flanders
2014 | Fabian Cancellara - Domane
2013 | Fabian Cancellara - Domane
2012 | Tom Boonen - Roubaix

2016 | Peter Sagan - Roubaix
2012 | Tom Boonen - Roubaix

2013 | Fabian Cancellara - Domane
2012 | Tom Boonen - Roubaix

In addition to engineering, brand loyalty and aesthetics will weigh on the decision to choose one bike over the other. Do you have a preference between endurance bikes? For a more in-depth analysis of the two bikes, check out our source article.