Rolling Party? Coming Right Up!

Rolling Party? Coming Right Up!

In a world full of ultra-light race bikes and people who want only the fastest and most exotic, it’s sometimes refreshing to take a step back and relax. 

At Carytown Bicycle Co., we have a love for simplicity, bikes that just do a good job of making you smile — like this Trek 520. The frame was designed for cross-country touring but we converted it into what I might call a luxury hybrid. A bike that does everything your neighborhood cruiser does but also can take 29 x 2.0” tires and shred around the wilderness. 

To bring out its versatility, we set this 520 up as a do-anything rolling party. 

Staying hydrated is about the best thing you can do and boy does this bike provide. We decided to equip it with two Specialized Zee cages. The side-loading design allows you to have a half-frame bag while still being able to squeeze the bottles into this 51 cm frame. One of them even comes with a built-in multitool! We also tucked one of our RipNDip insulated bottles under the downtube for those hot, dusty rides. 

We’ve been searching everywhere for half frame bags we like and this Bontrager Adventure Frame Bag  has been a fantastic option. The high-vis lining and water-resistant construction make this a fantastic go-to option to throw on your bike and never remove. Never know when you’ll need it! 

We kept the cockpit simple with furnishings by Road Runner Bags. The Co-Pilot Stem Bag is the perfect place to throw a phone, sunglasses, or *ahem* adult beverage (we at CBC love to party as much as you but we do not condone drinking and riding). For handlebar storage, we put on the burly Burrito Supreme, the perfect bag for packing a lightweight jacket or heavy-weight snacks. 

Rounding everything out we have a North St. Tool Roll mounted on the saddle, a great low profile way to carry a flat kit and other essentials.

Check it out!