Richmond Ride Roundup

Richmond Ride Roundup

Several weeks ago, we got on the subject of getting more people on bikes. We discussed why it's important to us and how we want to see bike culture evolve. We've decided to take the next step and round up some local rides and bike recommendations to help lower the barrier to joining a group ride! There's something for everyone here, so strap on your helmet and as much or little spandex as you want. Let's ride!  

Chill Road Vibes

These rides are all about accessibility and fun! Come as you are, and ride easy!

Black Girls Do Bike: Join their private Facebook group to view the schedule.

Broad Street Bullies: Thursday Group Rides - check Instagram for location.

RABA: look for C+D pace rides! Schedule is available on their site. 

RAR: Pop up rides - check Instagram for schedule.

Bike Monday Bros: Schedule on Facebook. 

CBC 3 FTW: Sundays (except 1st of the month) at CBC Greengate at 8am.

Recommended Bike: Specialized Sirrus

Specialized calls the Sirrus a “fitness” bike, don’t let that scare you. It’s first and foremost a bike that lets you do everything from a quick ride through the neighborhood to a longer stint on the capital trail. Stock 700x42 tires make this the perfect bike for around town shortcuts and all-day comfort.

Intense Road Vibes

If you’re looking for a challenge and medium to mucho spandex, these rides are for you! You may get dropped, but don’t let that discourage you from coming back next time. 

RABA: look for A + B pace rides. Schedule is available on their site. 

CBC Saturday: 8:30am from CBC Carytown - 20 mi - 15-16 mph (meet at the back door!)

CBC Sunday: 9am from CBC Carytown - 40 mi - 19-1 mllion mph (lolz) (meet at the back door!)

Recommended Bike: Trek Emonda ALR Custom Build,

This bike was built with racing in mind. The Emonda’s hydroformed aluminum frame is damn near as light as most comparable carbon rigs and the Bontrager Speed Stop rim brakes are responsive in the heat of the moment. This bike lets you enter the world of serious road riding at half the cost of many other options but with little to no trade off.


    Get adventurous, escape the city, and explore new terrain

    RAR: Pop up rides - check Instagram for schedule.

    CBC 3 FTW: First Sunday of the month at 8am at Pocahontas State Park

    Recommended bike: Otso Waheela C

    We love Otso. Like, really love them. The frame-focused offshoot of Wolf Tooth Components, this bike is what happens when you allow nerds to engineer their dreams. The attention to detail and quality is exceptional. With the chip system drop outs and the versatile design making this one of our favorite frames for custom builds.

    For those who want something special in material, check out the stainless and titanium Warakin!


    Trails, obstacles, and a wild time!

    Bell Joy all Level Women’s MTB Ride: Sign up here to get the schedule. 

    RAR: Pop up rides - check Instagram for schedule.

    Recommended Bike: Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29

    Richmond trails never get too crazy, many of our staff ride them on gravel or fully rigid bikes. But for those newer riders who want the peace of mind that comes with supple tires, suspension, and trail focused design, the Specialized Rockhopper is a killer option. With frame quality being the same across all spec levels and dropper post compatibility, the Rockhopper is the perfect entry level bike that you can grow with and upgrade as you get into the rowdy side of cycling!

    Now go forth and ride!

    Did we miss your favorite local ride? Email us and let us know!