Retül Custom Footbeds

Retül Custom Footbeds

Are you ready to tap into more power and fewer aches and pains in your riding? The Retül Custom Footbeds are your answer! Custom footbeds are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to increase power, endurance and comfort through a precise, custom-level of hip, knee and foot alignment. Consider them a fast and easy way to take your performance to the highest possible level.

Here's some feedback from a happy customer, Andy K.:

"So, Will at CBC confirmed what my wife always knew, I have Neanderthal like feet! My shorter toes and slightly elongated midfoot caused intermittent foot pain when my cycling mileage ratcheted up. I’ve tried both the blue and green insoles from Specialized and they helped! However, once I got fitted for custom footbeds, and rode a few days to get used to the additional support, I’m noticing increased comfort and a more direct connection with the pedals as all gaps between foot and shoe are gone. When I look back over my many years of cycling and think of all the “fixes” I’ve tried, the slightly added cost vs. off the shelf options seems worth it for this major touch point."

However many miles you ride, if you find yourself wishing you could push a little more or recover a little faster, invest in custom footbeds. Will, the aforementioned Neanderthal foot expert had this to say about Retül Custom Footbeds:

"As a newly certified Retül bike fitter myself, I have found that properly supporting the rider's midfoot helps dramatically with knee tracking throughout the pedal stroke. As they push down hard on the pedal, most riders' feet and ankles tend to collapse inwards taking the ankle, and then the knee with it. We want to support the foot and ankle so that the knee tracks in a safe, healthy, and (hopefully) fairly straight trajectory. 

Complete midfoot support also helps spread out the pressure that the foot exerts on the pedal more evenly, over a greater surface area, to help reduce hot spots, numbness, and tingling that many of us often deal with in our feet. 

Forming the custom footbeds takes about 30 minutes on the initial visit and includes a second, follow up visit to make any alterations that are needed, as sometimes you just can't know exactly what the rider's feet need until they have ridden with the footbeds once or twice. Every pair of Retül Custom Footbeds can be re-molded up to three times before they start to lose their structure, so don't hesitate to reach out if anything bothers you on the first go! We're happy to help you make alterations if needed."

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