Product Review: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2

Product Review: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V2

Who doesn’t love new? New socks, new music, new bike — Mmmmmm, bikes. I digress, it feels good, you get me.

The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt has been one of our longstanding best-sellers — the small size and minimal, aerodynamic size made it the perfect no-nonsense computer for competitive road-cyclists and urban riders alike. It accomplished all this while still being at a low price-point, the perfect computer for the rookie-rider and the old-faithful for the grizzled veteran. The Bolt V2 keeps many of those elements we love while beefing up the internals and overall enhancing the user experience.

The most immediate difference is the new and improved screen.

The V2 does away with the last generation’s black and white screen for a bold 64 color option. Clarity and ease of use was Wahoo’s priority in updating the Bolt, mapping is displayed in super clear full color while other information such as BPM, speed, and navigation directions are shown in high contrast black and white, Wahoo even researched which fonts would be easiest to read while riding! The system is coupled with LED lights at the top which can be used to display information like power, approaching turns, and even let you know if you have a phone call or text message.

The next improvement, a sure hit, is the new smart navigation.

The previous generation Bolt, though great, lacked the in-depth navigation of its big brother: The Elemnt Roam. The V2’s mapping is highly intelligent with more detail than ever before and the ability to reroute on the fly. Routing can be customized for any type of riding, road, cross, mountain, and hybrid.
The new USB-C design has an IPX7 waterproof rating and the screen is faced with durable Gorilla Glass, you know, like your screen protector. The ambient light sensor adjusts backlighting smoothly to changes in conditions, making this computer robust enough to handle just about anything you (or the weather) throw at it.

The appearance will otherwise be familiar, ever-so-slightly narrower and longer. Wahoo has additionally raised the buttons slightly, making them easy to use in all conditions and while wearing gloves.

Smartphones integrate seamlessly, you simply have to download the companion app and scan a QR code, with no need for USB cables and overly long instruction manuals.

Not only can you preload routes from your phone but, for more social riders, it will alert you of calls, texts, and WhatsApp notifications. For those wanting peace and serenity, it has a do-not-disturb mode. Increased storage capacity of 16 GB (about 5x bigger!) and 15-hour battery life makes the computer perfect for long-hauls and all-day sessions. These upgrades make the new Bolt just as accomplished an adventurer as the Roam while still being easy to use, making it the perfect computer for everyone from the competitive racer to the urban explorer.