Product Review: Garmin Rally Pedals

Product Review: Garmin Rally Pedals

Spring is coming and it's high time to get outside, hit the trails, and give off-road riders something road cyclists have enjoyed for years.

For a while now, the Garmin Vector has been one of the most popular Power Meter Pedals on the market and there was a clear need for a new, improved, and more versatile option.

The new Garmin Rally series brings improved battery contact, standby power, and superior performance while preserving the Garmin Ecosystem integration and the long-lasting battery life you’ve come to expect. Customers can expect up to 120 hours of battery life thanks to the new spindle design. Additionally, new threads for the pedal body improve durability and make installation a breeze.

We will be offering all Rally series pedals in two models: The budget-friendly 100 which is single-sided: tracking the left leg’s movement and the dual-sided 200 which tracks both legs as well as where in the pedal stroke power output is highest for top-of-the-line accuracy.

If you have used the Garmin Vector, this will feel very familiar. The RK100 and RK200 Series power meters maintain all the classic Vector 3 functionality while improving upon past faults — namely with a more secure battery contact area. Otherwise, this Look Keo compatible pedal will be like an old friend, just better.

Shimano road cleats are some of the most popular in the world. In the past, riders desiring Garmin Power Meters were stuck switching to the Look Keo -- things have changed. The RS100 and RS200 Series pedals are compatible with Shimano SPD-SL cleats so riders can get all the benefits of a great Power Meter without sacrificing the fit and feel of their favorite cleats.

What we’re most excited about is the first-of-its-kind Rally XC100 and XC200 Series meters which are compatible with Shimano SPD cleats. These rugged sensors are matched with a robust design and superior all-weather performance while maintaining the Vector 3 functionality many cyclists already enjoy. The perfect Power Meter Pedal for all your warm-weather gravel and mountain bike adventures. For years, off-road cyclists have been forced to use less accurate crank-based power meters, but no longer! It’s no secret that we at CBC love getting out there in the wild and helping our customers do the same -- we’re thrilled by this new product offering.

For riders wanting the most possible performance, Garmin is also bringing to market a conversion kit that allows you to use one sensor and switch it between pedal bodies without paying the full cost of an entirely new body and power meter. One Meter to rule them all! For riders who want to keep their Vector 3 sensors, this conversion kit will allow you to use those last-generation sensors with your SPD-SL or SPD cleats for the first time.

The weather is improving and race season is approaching, the new Garmin Rally Series will help you to best track your power and performance be it in training or on the course.