Customer Review: Wahoo Kickr Bike

Customer Review: Wahoo Kickr Bike

Tired of the process of putting your bike on and off the trainer and then reassuring everyone that there is NOT an earth quake, you're just riding your trainer? Curious about the Wahoo Kickr Bike?
We wanted to hear about the experience from a customer, so we asked our pal Vincent to share his thoughts with us after a couple rides on the bike using the Zwift training app. Read on to see if the Wahoo Kickr Bike is a good fit for you. 


What were your initial observations of the Kickr Bike?
It's super well made, and very sturdy. The setup using the Wahoo app was easy!  I used the Wahoo app to measure my road bike for setup numbers and a quick test shows that it did a great job.


How does it compare to your road bike?
It does not feel exactly like my road bike from a drivetrain perspective. A little synthetic, still better than normal stationary bikes. I got used to it during the ride and think I will continue to do so. Initially, the distance between gears was much greater than my road bike which has a compact cassette. I changed the gearing ratio in the app to match my road bike, and it made a BIG difference in the experience. Much more realistic with that corrected. It was an important part of the setup that I missed the first time, and it felt off.


What else do you think prospective buyers should know about the Kickr Smart Bike?
  • Watts measured were very consistent with my road bike / kickr.
  • Tilt was cool for mountain climbs - works your legs a little differently. It didn't tilt down as much as I thought it would on the downhills. Maybe there is a setting I can adjust for that.
  • It's Quiet! My road bike would shake the house on downhills. Now I can ride when everyone is sleeping. Big win here!
  • Pedals are cheap. Anyone buying this kind of trainer will want better pedals which makes sense to have them separate since everyone has a preference.
  • Handlebar tape is thin, so I'll replace that.
  • Biggest thing: no more wear on my road bike, and no more carrying my road bike up and down 2 and half flights of stairs every time I switch. Plus no more removing / replacing the rear wheel.


So you're not going to return it, right?
Ha no! It's well built and sturdy, and for me worth it for the convenience factor / wear factor / quietness.