Customer Feature: Bobbi and her Trek Remedy

Customer Feature: Bobbi and her Trek Remedy

Bobbi has only been riding for a year, but she jumped in after trying out a friend's mountain bike even though it was too big for her! She knew immediately that she loved mountain biking.

Before buying her Trek Remedy, Bobbi already had a fast hardtail Trek Procaliber for when she wants to do XC races. She also has a nice Trek Boone for when she wants to do gravel rides for CycloCross races, but she needed something for when she wants to go to the mountains and have fun on downhill trails. So, we set her up with this beautiful Trek Remedy! 150mm of travel front and rear is a bit overkill for Richmond, but awesome for the mountains just west of the city.

Bobbi has found a lot of happiness outside on her bike, and looks forward to learning something new with every ride. Pocahontas State Park trails are her favorite local trails. They are flowy, nice to a beginner, and allows a rider the option to try the other trails for a challenge. She usually rides her Trek Procaliber on the gravel and blue/green trails.

In addition to riding, she works out three times a week, plays ice hockey, and ice dances. The ice skating work helps with core strength, balance, and building her leg muscles. She also makes sure to get her veggies everyday to fuel her body. 

Next up in her bike collection will be a road bike so she can meet up with her bike buds on pavement!


"When I first started, Tim, Bryan, Emma, Tony, Erin, Graham, and Tannon helped me soooo much.  For them I am grateful and ever appreciative. They guided me, and made my riding experience something I will always cherish.  hey even helped me on how to wear a jersey since I was apparently wearing them too large. The cycling community is just so helpful and nice! What a great extended family they are."