CBC2: Makin' Moves

CBC2: Makin' Moves

After being at Westchester Commons for a few years, we are excited to move the Southside shop, aka CBC2, to the new shopping center at Winterfield Crossing. It is a superior location for a myriad of reasons, and it will also be fantastic for staff, myself (Tim) included, to commute to on bike compared to Westchester.

  • Test Rides Are SO Easy: Salisbury is next door and is a great bicycling neighborhood. A customer can go on an extended and relaxed test ride straight out of the back of the shop on flat, wide neighborhood roads.
  • Ridable Roads From the City: If you're a city dweller, you can make us a stop on your road rides because there is a safe route to get out here.  
  • Space Improvements: Bigger isn't always better. We've downsized a bit, but the space feels brighter and less like a cavernous bike hole. You'll definitely want to hang here more.
  • Bye Confusing Shopping Center: Off of the hustle and bustle of Midlothian, you can easily find us and park right at the shop! 


What is not better or really any fun at all is the process of moving. At CBC we are in the business of servicing the bicycle needs of Richmonders. We love it. We are good at it. We never get sick of it. We consider it a privilege. What we don’t love, what we find to be zero fun is getting permits, choosing lighting fixtures, running conduit, getting quotes for new signage, deciding what kind of “skirt” attaches to the water fountain, hunting down the numbers for the address on the outside of the building, needlessly overthinking about what font would be preferred for previously mentioned address numbers, finding out our counter is an inch shy of ADA compliance, or cutting said countertop in an attractive way to accommodate a mop sink. Sadly, I could go on and on, and I kind of want to (I know you don't want me to - I've just got big feelings, ok?). I will save the additional whining for Jesse, John, and my long suffering wife. 

Alas, all is well that ends well and we are open for business!! The shop looks awesome. We are all riding to work so come hang out, grab a coffee, take a test ride, and keep your eye out for a Grand Opening event in April.

- Tim