Bike Packing: Bill and Roslynn Riley

Bike Packing: Bill and Roslynn Riley

It started as the recounting of a recent adventure by one of our favorite (who am I kidding - we love you all!), CBC employees. As happens frequently at CBC, the conversation soon became ‘you know - if you ever wanted to - we would love to help you do it, too.’ My husband and I took the offer & soon found ourselves in the parking lot at Slacks Trail, fully outfitted & ready to begin a two day bike-packing adventure that would take us over 4400 feet of climbing across 35 miles each day. We were just a little bit intimidated, but eager to begin.

We spent our first day mostly on backroads - not a soul in sight.The gravel was fine & the weather was perfect. I can’t deny that some of those climbs were challenging to my 57-year-old legs, but the scenery and my pride kept me going for seven hours of riding through the George Washington National Forest.

As evening fell, we set up hammocks and camped near a waterfall. We were rewarded with no cell service and a sky full of shooting stars.


Day two was another spectacular fall day & we were excited to see where the trails would take us on our way back. After several bumpy and beautiful gravel miles through the fall foliage, we looped back to the Blue Ridge Parkway. After an early lunch we were back at it, feeling accomplishment at conquering the ascents and exhilaration on the long descents.

We arrived back at the parking lot mid-afternoon, feeling completely exhausted and ridiculously proud of our accomplishment. Thank you again CBC so much for helping outfit is with everything we needed and providing us the perfect route for this much needed adventure. You all are simply the best!