So, You Wanna Bikepack?

So, You Wanna Bikepack?

Did you miss our bikepacking clinic? Need something to dream about? Well, this is what dreams are made of, so snuggle in. Night night. 

Mati is a true boss of bikepacking. She’s toured Spain and Portugal; Bikepacked in Iceland, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Virginia; and assisted the last rendition of Bikepacking Summit in Mulberry Gap, Georgia. Where to next, Mati? 

So, you wanna bikepack. Here’s some tips for ya! 

Set Up

There are two ways to pack your back. The traditional set up with most items on a rear rack or a bikepacking set up that incorporates top tube bags, framebags, handle bar rack/bags, and seatpost bags. The pros and cons of each are numerous, depending on your style and rig. There are so many ways you can pack your bike! Below are options and gear you could use to incorporate your bike. What makes bikepacking fun, is how you can personalize your bicycle to where you are going, how you ride, your bike model, your favorite color... the sky's the limit.

  • Racks
  • Straps
  • Bags
  • Hardware
  • Water bottle cages
  • Frame bags
  • Front bags
  • Handlebar bags
  • Seat post bags
  • Panniers
  • Top tube bags
  • Backpacks

Trip Planning

Once you decide where you’re going here’s some things to consider in planning: 

  • Do you need a permit for where you're riding or sleeping?
  • How will you get water and food along the route?
  • How do you need to prepare for potential wildlife you might come across?
  • What types of terrain will you encounter? Is your bike designed to give you endurance on tough terrain? Should you be set up tubeless?
  • Weather - It's gonna rain. Plan for it.
  • What is the group level?
  • Where will you camp and what do you need based on climate and terrain?

Flying to your destination?

A few notes on flying to your bikepacking destination. CO2 cartridges cannot be taken on planes. Gas containers for stoves have to be left open or in their packaging. Anything that seems like it may contain hazardous liquids will be confiscated. Mati recommends to get your bike to your destination. If you do choose to check your bike, American Airlines charges a $30 fee each way for bike boxes under 50lbs.

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Want more info? Head to the Winterfield shop and ask for Mati!