Michele's Specialized S-Works Amira

We recently featured the Specialized Amira as a go to choice for women's road bikes. One of our women's team riders, Michele, recently upgraded her race rig to an S-Works Amira and was blown away with the bike. We took a minute to get her thoughts on the bike.

Tell us a little bit about your new bike, the Specialized Amira. Why did you choose to add this bike to your quiver?

I recently pulled the trigger on a true race bike. Before my Amira, I was riding a mid-range Cannondale EVO with pretty basic components. The Cannondale EVO was a great bike but I never really found a comfortable position even after a bike fit by Mike Stoop. I made the decision last fall that I wanted to start racing for the 2015 season. I hunkered down on my nutrition, hired Mike Stoop as my coach and decided I needed a bike that was going to answer the demands I would put it through. Since I had already been through a bike fit Mike and Tim already had my numbers and pointed me towards the Amira. I ordered the Specialized S-Works Amira frame and had Byron E-Bay my Cannondale EVO. I did a complete and total upgrade by buying all new components for the Amira. I chose the SRAM Force 22 groupset, S-Works Stem, S-Works bars, Pink Chris King stem cap, and last but not least HED Belgium wheels with DT Swiss 350’s.

After Braden and the guys built up this beautiful bike I went out for my first training ride. It just so happened that this particular ride included a 10k time trial. From the first second I jumped on the Amira it immediately felt comfortable. I didn’t feel stretched out or stressed in certain areas. The bike was stiff and super responsive during forced intervals and sprints. After completing the 10k TT I couldn’t believe the time I had shaved off. This in part to how low/aero I could now get as well as reducing my bike weight by 3 lbs.

The total weight of my 54cm S-Works Amira, bottle cages included, is 15.2lbs.

OH! Her name is Scarlett!

What kind of riding are you looking forward to doing on this bike?

Training and racing but there might be some long Fondo rides in her future.

What kinds of add-ons or upgrades are you thinking about already?

To be honest I’m still new to the racing world and am still enjoying the components I have but everyone always has an upgrade list right? To start, I would eventually (like a ways down the road) love to have the SRAM Red groupset to shave some more weight. Also look into a set of HED or ENVE race wheels with maybe a little Chris King hub action. Leaving my HED Belgiums as training or pit wheels.

Who would you recommend this kind of bike to?

Any male or female racer out there, whether you are just getting started or a seasoned rider. I haven’t been on anything longer than 55 miles with her but I can positively say it wouldn’t be an issue as long as your body can handle more of a race position for that long.

And yes I said male or female. It’s not about a man’s bike vs. a women’s bike. It is about your specific body geometry and what fits you better. Remember, it’s your booty sitting in that saddle, so why not be as comfortable as you can.