Kayleigh's Glitter Dream Surly Straggler 650b

Kayleigh is our office manager and she recently added a new ride to her arsenal. The 650b Surly Straggler is a new take on one of Surly's most popular and versatile bikes, the cross-check, and this bike has a lot of cool things going on. We took a minute to ask Kayleigh about her new bike.

Tell us a little bit about your new bike, the Surly Straggler.
It's super rad. I'm going to do so much with it! I can ride to work and around the city, but can also take it off-road when I am going camping or spinning around on a day trip to Pocahontas State Park.

Why did you choose to add this bike to your quiver?
I wanted something I could commute on, but that could also handle some weekend camping trips. This one seemed perfect for that with lots of tire options, disc brakes, and mounts for all kinds of racks and add-ons. It also comes in an awesome glittery purple!

What kinds of rides are you looking forward to with this bike?
I definitely have lots of longer trips in mind that I want to do. I want to do some camping on the C&O Canal and explore the other trails in and around Richmond.

What kinds of add-ons or upgrades are you thinking about already?
I need to get a front and rear rack installed with some sweet bags to carry my camping gear! I would also like to upgrade to a tubeless wheelset at some point in the future.

Who would you recommend this kind of bike to?
Anyone who wants a versatile bike that they can take on adventures near and far!