Fred's Custom Moots Routt 45

Fred recently added the Moots Routt 45 to his quiver. Moots prescribes the Routt 45 for gravel and adventure, and based on Fred's initial reactions, there's plenty of that in the foreseeable future. Here's what Fred had to say about his new rig:

Based on my few weeks on the bike, it handles true and tracks smooth through turns. I was very surprised at how little flex there is in the bottom bracket when I mash up a hill. A few years back my most ridden bike was a titanium road bike and it flexed when pushed. The Moots does not do this at all, but has the smooth feel that characterizes titanium.

The Moots Routt 45 will almost certainly be my most ridden bike. And if you know me, you know I ride a lot. I will ride it on “mountain” bike trails with tires that are 45mm. I use quotes because a mountain biker might not consider what I will do, mountain biking. Based on experience, when I have a mountain bike with suspension etc, the only result is me crashing and bleeding.

I will ride this bike on RollCallRVA rides during the cold months (5:45 AM, meet at Malvern and Grove, a few days a week) riding a different set of wheels with tires that measure out to 31mm. I will “race ride” at events like Devils Backbone Mountain Cross (31 mm tires), and Monster Cross (45 mm tires). I will also participate in cross races with the only goal of not being lapped. It will be my go to bike for my first 200 KM brevet (I hope to do two this summer) and my trips to Ardent, Hardywood and the like.

This custom build is rounded out with Ultegra DI2 hydraulic, ENVE bar and stem, CG-R seatpost from Specialized, HED Ardennes wheels and Rock 'n Road tubeless tires. The SpurCycle black anodized bell is a nice touch and the perfect way to say 'Hey!' on a bike.