Fred's Foundry Auger

Fred's had his Foundry Auger for quite a while and for the most part it's been set it up as a dual purpose Gran Fondo / Cyclocross machine. He recently picked up an Endpoint Coffee Grinder as his primary Gran Fondo / Light Touring / Gravel Racer bike and decided to change a few things on his Foundry for cross season. 

He started with a tubeless wheel setup from Industry Nine. He switched the drivetrain to a 1x11 SRAM Force CX1 group which borrows from the best of SRAM XX1 mountain bike and SRAM road technologies. The 1x11 setup gives ideal gear selection for cross, while being lighter, tougher, and looking better.The CX1 kit is rounded out with SRAM Hydraulic brakes for a truly integrated setup. Looking good Fred. See you on the other side of the barriers.