Giro Terraduro MTB Shoe

If you're looking for a cycling shoe to wear on the trails or during your commute around town, the Giro Terraduro is a great choice. We picked this shoe up around six months ago and a few of the staff gave it a try. We were delighted with the product.

The upper is durable and holds up well against elements like mud and water while providing good breathability and fast drying. The shoe features a thin ratcheting buckle and two velcro straps, one of which uses an offset loop to alleviate pressure areas. These shoes come on and off easily and are quite comfortable after a quick break-in period. They feel balanced overall and ride really well on the bike.  

Off the bike, the Vibram soles provide excellent grip on rocks and wet logs. The shoe also has a natural feel while walking on asphalt and more common surfaces. The reinforced toe box is a nice addition that provides extra stiffness in the front of the shoe.

The shoe comes in two colors, Black and Glowing Red, and at $180 it is well-priced for a shoe that is race worthy but very comfortable off of the bike.