Giro Terraduro MTB Shoe

September 01 2014

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Carytown Bicycle Co.
September 03 2014

Andrew – Sorry to hear that. Just curious, what type of socks are you wearing? We’ve gotten these shoes fairly wet on multiple occasions and haven’t had too many issues, but Virginia is no Oregon Outback. Thanks for the review!

Andrew Squirrel
September 02 2014

I picked up a pair early in the spring and have been fairly happy with them this year.
I must disagree with the “fast drying” comment though, I find that my terraduro’s take a loooong time to dry out after getting damp. In the worst case scenario I walked through a stream crossing during the Oregon Outback and the shoes were drenched for the remainder of the trip.
I just noticed last week that the foam padding around the heel is also beginning to deteriorate and separate from the shoe. This seems to be the area that stays the most damp when the shoes get wet too.
I hope that when they redesign for 2015 that they do a bit firmer/durable heel area (maybe with leather/pleather on the inside?)

Other than that they are really awesome shoes, even despite the fact that they might be a little too wide for my skinny foot.