Product Spotlight - Industry Nine Wheels

Wheelsets are often the first upgrade we recommend to trail or off-road riders looking to improve upon their current setup. Weight, stiffness, hub engagement and a rim that is tubeless ready are all considerations when choosing a new wheelset. While there are several options for tubeless rims out there, few hub and spoke combinations offer the quality and performance of Industry Nine. 

Made in the USA in Asheville, North Carolina, Industry Nine has years of experience building not only their own components, but also in helping design and manufacture leading bike technology for other companies. A one piece, straight pull aluminum spoke provides for a lighter, stiffer wheel, reducing rotational mass at the rim. At 3 degress, the hubs have some of the fastest engagement out there, providing power at every forward pedal motion. In addition to lightweight construction and precision manufacturing, Industry Nine is dedicated to crafting a wheel with brilliant design aesthetic. Custom color options for hubs and spokes allow customers to put together a wheel that feels like their own. 

One of CBC's own was looking to upgrade the wheels on his Specialized CruX cross bike and decided to go with Industry Nine. Mike went with the Ultralite 29 mountain wheels. The results look great and will ride even better.

You can also check out a behind the scenes look at Industry Nine over at North Shore Mountain Biking.