Urban Essentials - Helmet, Lock, Lights.

If you're going to be riding around town, you're going to need a few essentials. A helmet, lock and lights are staples for any cyclist riding in an urban area. There's a ton of choices out there, so we've done some of the homework for you.

Helmets - Specialized, Bern

Your noggin makes your whole body tick and it does a lot of the important work whether you're on or off the bike. So you should do your best to protect it. When it comes to safety, most helmets are created equal. The main differences come down to ventilation, comfort, and weight. Specialized makes some great helmets starting at $39.99 for the Align model. A convenient micro-dial on the rear allows for quick adjustments in fit, and with generous flow-through vents, the helmet will keep your head cool in the urban jungle. Comes with a removable visor.

For riders that prefer a more casual look, we carry the Bern Brentwood. This helmet is a little pricier at $80, but features a removable soft visor / brim, several flow-through vents, and the option to swap out padded liners. An all season knit liner is available for staying comfy year round. 

Lights - Knog, Specialized Stix

Lights are one of the best ways to make your presence known to drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists. The law also happens to require you to have lights on your bike between sunset and sunrise. If you're looking for the basics, the Knog Frogs start at $15 per light. If you can spend the extra money, the Knog Blinder or Specialized Stix kits are a much better value. USB rechargeable, waterproof front and rear lights with silicon straps that allow you to attach them to any bike without the need for tools. These lights carry an 10+ hour run times per charge and the kits will only set you back $55 for either.

Locks - Kryptonite

Your bike is pretty much your best friend. Would you leave your best friend outside in the city for someone else to steal and sell on Craigslist? Kryptonite has a huge range of locks in different shapes and sizes. The KryptoLok series 2 Mini-7 is priced at $44 and will comfortably lock at least one wheel and your frame to most things around the city. It's small enough to stash in your backpack, belt or waistband. These locks offer heavy duty protection and will hold up against all kinds of cutting tools. Pair this with a Flex cable if you want to get an extra wheel or seat locked up.

If you're looking for something less expensive, you could opt for the Kryptoflex Key Cable lock. At $26 this lock will get your frame and wheels secured to pretty much anything and its coiled design makes it easy to carry. Kryptonite also makes a combination lock cable if you're prone to losing your keys.

Kryptonite allows you to register your keys or combo online and will send replacement keys in the event you lose yours. Take care of your nice stuff. Lock up your bike.