Will A Bike Fit Solve Your Injury Problems?

You've got a new bike. You love it to death. You've been riding hundreds and hundreds of miles and you are you are starting to experience pain and discomfort. What's the deal?

If you do a little research, or talk to our go-to expert Clarke Tanner of Thrive Physical Therapy, you'll find that five of the most common cycling injuries are related to the neck, back, knee, IT band, and ulnar nerve areas. Aside from crashing, repetitive overuse in these areas is the main cause of cycling injuries.

A few things affect the development of these overuse injuries. Genetics, stress tolerance, training intensity and volume, and bike fit. While we can't do much about our genetics, we are in control of the rest of these factors. Properly managing nutrition, fluid intake, life stress and sleep can improve our stress tolerance and recovery. Knowing our riding limits allows us to better plan our training and intensity.

Your body's strength and mobility starts off the bike, but it is essential that we are able to carry that mobility and good posture to the bike. That's where bike fit comes in. Proper bike fit focuses on maximizing comfort and making the body more efficient resulting in better performance overall and less repetitive overuse injury.

If that saddle is killing you, your hands are numb or your back is hurting, it might be time to get your fit checked! Find out more about our bike fitting services or schedule an appointment with our certified BG FIT specialist, Mike Stoop.