The Peahen Squawks: Guts, Gravel and Glory on July 20th in Pocahontas State Park May 31 2013


Clear your dance cards, true believers! Your pals at CBC have teamed up with RunRideRace promotions and Ride Endpoint to present the inaugural Guts, Gravel and Glory on Saturday, July 20th.

This week, the Peahen sits down with RunRideRace head honcho Mark Junkermann to talk a bit about the event.

Mark, what is this thing? Is it a race? A “grand fondo”? A ride? A dirt kermesse?

MJ: It’s all of those things and more. I wanted to build on the success of the MonsterCross event we held at Pocahontas back in February and offer something similar but a bit more geared to the summer than the winter.

How is this different from Monstercross?

MJ: First of all, we’ll have three fields, unlike MonsterCross where there’s one huge field. The A and B fields will do 50 miles. The C field will do 19 miles. We wanted to allow multiple riders of different abilities to feel challenged.

Second, the nature of the course itself is a bit different. Monstercross is one huge 23 mile loop. Guts, Gravel and Glory features a 10k loop (6.2 miles) of dirt roads; there’s a little .4 mile “finger” that takes riders to the loop. The first half of the course is twisty with some "S" turns and well as some narrower sections (about 1 car width and is super fun to ride!). The second half is more open, with fewer turns.  You will have a nice long stretch going into timing/finish each lap.

Are there obstacles?

MJ: Not compared to your average cyclocross or mountain bike event, no. There’s a little gravel on the course in places but it's mostly a fairly smooth course, all things considered.  There is one creek crossing that is easily passable, but it also is where the greatest chance of flatting would occur.  We have decided to build a "ramp/bridge" to get you across this section.

What’s the ideal bike for Guts, Gravel and Glory? 

MJ: That’s a good question.A cyclocross or mountain bike would be best suited for this course although I have ridden the entire 50 miles on my road bike with durable tires.  I would probably use a semi-slick tire for this event.  You will probably want a little knobby on the sides for cornering, but I've done this on my road bike with Continental Gatorskins.

I heard something about there being chip timing for the event. Is that true?

MJ: Not only is it true, it is awesome.

Is there swag?

MJ: This is a RunRideRace event—OF COURSE there’s swag!!!   You get an event pint glass (register by June 30th to guarantee pint glass) and post race party at Carytown Bicycle Company.

Sounds awesome. Is this going to be the greatest bike event in human history?

MJ: Probably.


Thanks, Mark. See you on the 20th of July.